Shopify is the leading DTC commerce platform to start, run, and grow your business. WTC&T is an expert at solving complex business problems and helping our clients deliver best-in-class commerce experiences. Together, we can help empower brands to scale, innovate, sell more, and create the best possible experience with a solution built for growth.

Shopify Plus is a cloud-native ecommerce solution that helps streamline the ecommerce experience. Whether you are a well-established brand, launching a new line of business, or just starting your ecommerce journey, we can help you launch and scale a Shopify commerce solution.

Commerce is rapidly evolving and we understand the importance of being in control. We give you the tools necessary to launch a commerce experience that makes sense for your business and helps you adapt to the pace of change.
  • Cloud-native commerce
  • Simplified store maintenance
  • App-like extensibility
  • Omnichannel-ready
  • Custom design & UX
  • Commerce strategy and roadmapping
  • Digital marketing strategy and support

Features + Benefits


With Shopify, clients will have a hosted ecommerce platform that offers a turnkey solution that removes many of the early stage and ongoing operational barriers. Say goodbye to time-consuming and costly version upgrades, and say hello to the latest ecommerce functionality and a defined product roadmap.


No code and low code solutions empower brand teams to take control of their commerce operations. We can help build unforgettable shopping experiences your way. Changes can be made quickly with a drag-and-drop theme editor, or we can enable more complex functionality through advanced configuration and 3rd party integrations to make your business’s vision come to life.


Shopify is made more powerful through its community of Plus Agency Partners, Plus Certified App Partners, and experts who have a deep understanding of how to build on Shopify. Partners (like us) can help build, design, and launch your store on Shopify and provide digital services to help scale your business.


Shopify’s Retail Point of Sale system (POS) is built to provide a frictionless shopping experience that lets customers shop their preferred way – in-store or online. With fully integrated hardware, a powerful POS app, and a single back office, Shopify POS enables cross-channel buying scenarios like buy-online-pickup-in-store, extends loyalty programs to any sales channel, and keeps every element of your commerce operations right at your fingertips.


With Shopify, comes the option to offer Shopify Payments, Shopify’s proprietary payment solution that enables an incredibly fast and smooth checkout process designed to improve the user experience, and thus, increase conversion rates.

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