Data & Insights

Data is everywhere. Data that yields actionable insights is priceless.

Data holds the key to unlocking growth and uncovering new opportunities. We help you find the signal within the noise.

Data & Analytics Strategy 
Let’s determine where your brand is, define where it wants to go, and deliver a strategy to get there. This can start with a data audit and gap analysis, documenting requirements, and creating an optimal tagging strategy. We’ll develop functional use cases, and create a forward-looking roadmap to simplify how you collect, analyze, and use your data.

Analytics Engineering 
This is where data science meets advanced AI and machine learning tools to power data modeling, unlock isolated data sets, and enable data access and collection across systems.

Reporting & Visualization 
Let’s make use of your data in ways everyone across your business can understand. To do this, we can automate reporting to make disseminating data to stakeholders more efficient, and create data visualizations that make sense of the 1s and 0s. We can then dig deep into your data to uncover insights, ranging from segmentation to promotions analysis, that can inform your commerce strategy.

Testing & Optimization 
Good digital experiences can always be better. Our commerce optimization services bring together our data & insights and experience teams to collaboratively isolate potential areas of improvement and implement solutions within your digital experiences. From A/B and multivariate testing and UX enhancements, to site performance improvements and advanced personalization, we’re able to apply the right expertise to bring continuous improvement to your digital commerce experiences.