Product Information Mangement

Utilize product information management to ensure relevant shopping experiences.

The Power of PIM

Brands communicate with customers through product information. 

This data – the words, the images and videos, the item specifications, FAQs, and often supplemental materials, like user manuals, product usage, and safety information – are an integral aspect of the consumer journey. And critical to inform and influence purchasing decisions as customers interact with these details at the bottom of the funnel.

Here, product data is considered a user experience priority – accurate details are vital. And a strong focus on Product Information Management (PIM) is essential in delivering consistent cross-platform customer experiences.

We embrace PIM as a fundamental component of omnichannel commerce. Successfully managing product information can unlock data for analytical interpretation, enable easier expansion to new platforms, and inform marketing decisions like ad spend and targeting.

If your company is challenged with multiple repositories of data, siloed systems, a lack of governance rules or system controls, and incomplete or obsolete data, it may be prime time for a refreshed perspective on product information management. 

Customers demand relevant shopping experiences. To achieve this, a centralized source of product truth is imperative. Our agency specializes in PIM strategy, solution design, integration, and implementation. Partner with us to explore what type of operational efficiencies, CX improvements, and strategic insights a PIM can unlock for your business.