Social Commerce

Create robust customer experiences across the social media landscape with our variety of social commerce services. 

Optimize For Action.

Today’s path to purchase is fast, nonlinear, complex - and changing all the time. So what does it take to establish a brand as the preferred choice in a consumer’s path to purchase? It’s not enough to have products people love. Customers - and potential customers - need to love the experience of your brand. 

At WTC&T, we prioritize and pride ourselves on an understanding of our clients - and their customers. This perspective informs a suite of solutions necessary to thrive in the evolving world of social commerce. Our powerful full-service social media capabilities establish your brand narrative with resonance and inspire consumers to take action.

With strategic planning and proprietary research tools, we test trends, establish content pillars, amplify social assets, refresh activation ideas, and determine messaging hierarchy. We utilize a social media playbook to identify emerging opportunities and drive sales with current and prospective customers. From awareness to conversion, we create vital touchpoints for the omnichannel shopper.

Advanced social listening via BrandWatch informs current trends, consumer interest, and overall approach. A specific social strategy develops engaged online communities and emphasizes proactive management. Inspired content creation showcases conceptually-driven creative platforms unique to each program. Paid amplification targets high-potential consumers and optimizes all parts of the sales funnel.

We approach platform trends, performance, and goals with genuine and thoughtful curiosity. This leads to true authenticity in client relationships and success on the bottom line. Partner with us to create vibrant and seamless customer experiences across the social media landscape. Every click counts.