User Experience & Visual Design

Cohesively and professionally represent your unique brand voice through interactive experience design and holistic user experiences.

Digital Experiences That Meet Customer Needs.

Visual design fosters an emotional connection with consumers and is a foundational component to building strong brand equity and long-term customer advocates. We help brands define and execute brand guidelines across many mediums, informed by market and user research, for a unique visual identity that connects with their audience.

Did you know that 40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load? Let’s say your site loads quickly, but it’s difficult to navigate and lacks a cohesive design –  it’s likely that visitors will exit out of your site without looking any further. The importance of a seamless user experience and a unique visual identity for your brand goes a long way.

We work to understand the desired target audience and competitive landscape which helps with effective design positioning. Design consistency is critical in maintaining professional visual communications. We solve for this by developing visual design guidelines in the form of a style guide which helps define color use, typography, photography, and other graphic elements depending on client needs. Visual designers here are fully immersed in effectively working with technologies, platforms, devices, and presentation layer development.

When it comes to User Experience, intuitive UX and memorable interfaces are no longer just unique selling points. Consumers expect technology to do the work for them, provide simple means to perform complex tasks, and do so in no time at all, regardless of channel, infrastructure, or platform. We aim to create inclusive experiences for all potential site users by planning for accessibility before pixels are placed on the screen, ensuring that the initial design is all-encompassing 

UX bridges business needs, customer desires, and intuitive interactions to create holistic experiences that drive adoption and catalyze conversion. We go beyond building ecommerce sites and know today’s landscape, anticipate tomorrow’s, enable consumers, and do so regardless of channel, infrastructure, or platform. 

We can help brands bring their visions to life while working to identify optimization opportunities based on industry shifts and emerging trends.