Commerce Confidential: RMNs and the Next Era of Digital Advertising


Retail media networks offer fundamental benefits to brands, retailers and consumers. “This is a generational opportunity to really change the landscape of how sales and marketing activation work together,” according to Simon Miles, Global VP for Omnichannel at The Coca-Cola Company. “Fundamentally, it's the opportunity to get closer to shoppers and consumers than we ever have before.”  

Along with the “massive opportunity” comes new challenges and considerations regarding what many predict will be a $143bn dollar industry by 2024. How will retail media networks ultimately impact advertising and the shopping journey?   

On the latest episode of Commerce Confidential, Simon joins the podcast to share his crucial perspective on the evolving promise of RMNs, the importance of collaboration, measurement, and customer centricity. Hosted by Kiesse Lamour, Global Head of Media for Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology. Available on BuzzsproutAppleSpotify or wherever you get your podcasts.  

Created by Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology as part of WPP Open X. 

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