Google Optimize is Sunsetting. Now What?

Richard Judy

With the announcement that Google Optimize and Optimize 360 will be discontinued at the end of September 2023, with no replacement, many organizations and marketers are left scrambling for a plan for what to do next. What will you do with all those tests you’ve built? How can you maintain access to all the data that’s been collected? All important questions to answer. But rather than stressing about a practical replacement for Google Optimize, consider this an opportunity to rethink your optimization strategy for the long term. 

An experimentation solution is a critical component of any optimization program. Whether you’re looking to increase engagement, improve conversion rates, create effective content or all of the above, you’re going to need a testing tool that meets your needs, budget and capabilities. But you also want to make sure you’re selecting the right solution for you today, that can help you continue to grow into the future. And in order to do that, you need to have a roadmap for your experimentation and optimization program. 

1. It all starts with a conversation

Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology will bring in resources from our Analytics, Marketing, Experience and Technology teams to get to know you and your needs better. We’ll start with an audit of your existing optimization landscape, identifying where you should be focusing more resources, and looking holistically at how an optimization program can benefit your entire business. 

2. Know your experimentation goals

We will become your trusted partner in the optimization space by getting to know where you’re headed with your optimization program so we can help highlight the optimal path to get you there. Identifying where you are on the optimization maturity continuum today and charting a course to where your organization needs to be allows us to identify all of the steps to keep advancing.

3. Find the right tool for the job

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Once we know where we’re going, we can start to narrow down the list of tools to ones that meet your needs, budget and capabilities. For example, VWO’s new free tier could be utilized if budget is a primary concern, or a more robust tool like Optimizely may be a better fit if your organization is looking for a more feature-rich tool. Let us help you navigate this landscape, identify a short list of the best options for your business and finalize the selection of your new optimization solution. 

4. Plan out your migration

With your program strategy in place and your experimentation tool selected, it’s time to plan out your migration. Auditing and analyzing your historical tests and collected data will help you determine what needs to be retained and migrated and what can be cleaned out as you start the next phase of your organization’s optimization journey. 

5. Execute your strategy

Now that you have established your strategy and configured your tools, it’s time to execute. We can help you understand and operationalize the continuous process of generating ideas, running tests, analyzing results and iterating for maximum impact. 

Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology can be your partner throughout this process. From helping to outline an optimization strategy to selecting the right tools to execute that strategy to partnering with you as your organization continues to evolve your optimization program, our agency has the right subject matter experts and approach to support your success.