The Sixth Annual B2B Benchmarking Report


Digital commerce is both a differentiator and a great equalizer. Since we’ve began compiling this report 8 years ago, we’ve learned that B2B ecommerce is evolving and it’s predicted that US B2B total sales will grow to reach $3 trillion by 2027.

How can an organization deliver an experience that meets their own needs and the needs of their customers? Download the B2B Ecommerce Benchmarking Report and discover more. Filled with exclusive data and analysis, the Benchmarking Report can help your organization adopt a digital mindset to unlock the potential benefits and opportunities digital commerce has to offer.

Table of Contents:

  • Industry Snapshot

  • Organizational Data

  • Digital Commerce Offerings

  • Trending Towards Transparency 

  • Drive Purchase Through Product 

  • Connected Customer Care 

  • Content and The Customer Journey 

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